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There's a tremendous shortage of nurses to fill intensive care nursing jobs throughout the nation. has teamed up with hospitals, staffing companies, travel nursing companies and employment managers everywhere to help fill the icu nursing jobs. Professionals in the industry are telling us that the icu nurse shortage will continue for at least another 15-20 years. That means it is very important that we  continually support and promote young people to enter the nursing profession.

Intensive care nurse jobs are as important as emergency room nursing jobs, critical care nursing jobs, med surg nursing jobs, travel nursing jobs, and all other nursing specialties. The intensive care nurse works with a cohesive team of nursing and medical professionals to ensure that the patient is taken care of. ICU nurses attend conferences to keep up on the latest trends and procedures. Most employers pay for this kind of continuing education. ICU nurse jobs can be very stressful and this causes a lot of turnover. Recruiters and human resource departments have come up with strategies to keep their icu nurses less stressed.

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